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Oppose the Red Tape Resolution

On Monday, July 29, 2019, the Albany Common Council's Planning, Economic Development, and Land Use Committee will consider a resolution being pushed by the NIMBY group called "Stop the Stories." It is an attempt to improperly link two projects—over a mile apart—and call them a single development for purposes of the state environmental review statute. This kind of gamesmanship paints Albany as anti-investment, anti-development, and just plain not neighborly. Rather than new housing, shops, restaurants (and parking!), they would rather keep this:

Please write to your common council members to oppose it. A sample email is below. It is especially important to write in if your council member is a member of the committee (Fahey, Doesschate, Balarin, Farrell, Johnson). If you are not sure who your council member is, you can look them up here: Here are the council members' email addresses:

  1. Hon. Dorcey Applyrs: [email protected]
  2. Hon. Derek Johnson: [email protected]
  3. Hon. Joyce Love: [email protected]
  4. Hon. Kelly Kimbrough: [email protected]
  5. Hon. Jahmel K. Robinson: [email protected]
  6. Hon. Richard Conti: rc6[email protected]
  7. Hon. Catherine Fahey: [email protected]
  8. Hon. Jack Flynn: [email protected]
  9. Hon. Judy Doesschate: [email protected]
  10. Hon. Owusu Anane: [email protected]
  11. Hon. Alfredo Balarin: [email protected]
  12. Hon. Mike O'Brien: [email protected]
  13. Hon. Ginnie Farrell: [email protected]
  14. Hon. Joseph Igoe: [email protected]
  15. Hon Tom Hoey: [email protected]

Here is a sample letter you can use:

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