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Support Dense Development - 152 Washington Ave

Neighbors are planning to oppose the rehabilitation of 152 Washington Ave (at the corner of Dove), perhaps on the basis of parking. This area is one of the most walkable parts of Albany, where many folks already walk to work. It is near about a dozen bus lines and the building has somehow managed to exist with its current level of parking since 1934. It comes with 12 parking spaces for its 35 units. 22 of the units are "microunits." Best of all, six units will be 3 bedroom - the kind of family-size housing that is not being built in many places.

Very few historic buildings in this neighborhood have parking and we do not need more parking lots!

Help support this rehabilitation project by emailing the planning board at [email protected] or attending the planning board meeting at 5:45 pm June 25 at City Hall - 24 Eagle St

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