Walkable Albany July Meeting - Advocating for a safer Albany

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Walkable Albany July Meeting

Walkable Albany is meeting on Monday July 1st at 6:30 pm in our usual location, the 2nd floor community room in the Albany Public Library located at 151 Washington Ave.

Some highlights from the last meeting:

  • We discussed the rally, which was a big success!
  • We did some "airing of grievances," discussing issues with crosswalks, including at the flashing yellow lights near CDPC. Also identified were the crossing at Broadway & Clinton Ave., the dirt path near Providence St by CDPC.
  • Pearl Street is under construction, so be careful down there. New striping and ramps, but no bump-outs or new crosswalks.
  • There was a great discussion about how to get local employers to encourage walking to work, and perhaps getting insurance companies involved.
  • We are going to organize weeknight walking tours. We can involve local BIDs, perhaps elected officials, etc.
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Walkable Albany is a group of citizens advocating for Albany's historic, beautiful, vibrant, dense, and walkable neighborhoods.
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