Walkable Albany's Statement of Principles - Advocating for a safer Albany

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Walkable Albany's Statement of Principles

  • Albany is a beautiful city with a historic walkable core and transit-friendly outer neighborhoods. Its core should be embraced for its walkable urban potential and its outer neighborhoods should be improved to make walking easier, safer, and more useful.
  • Pedestrian safety and complete streets should be a top priority for the City of Albany. Neighborhood and downtown streets should be designed to protect pedestrians and slow traffic whenever it is appropriate. We believe that common-sense tools such as curb bulbs, shorter crossings, pedestrian priority signals, narrow car lanes, safety signage, and other traffic calming designs are essential for saving the lives of pedestrians. Safe spaces for all road users, including bicyclists and alternative transportation options, are essential.
  • Streets are for everyone—they should not be seen as a means solely for moving as many cars as quickly as possible.
  • Albany should not be afraid of responsible infill development (promoting better use of vacant lots, parking lots, and abandoned buildings) which can increase its density and, ultimately, the number of locations worth walking to.
  • Mixed-use development (grouping residential and commercial uses together) is key to walkability.
  • Street life is essential to democracy and common understanding—it should be promoted through the use of street-facing storefronts and homes, street furniture, trees, adequate lighting, and pedestrian plazas.
  • Our streets should be designed to incorporate the needs of all people, including those with disabilities, immigrants, children, the elderly, and any other marginalized groups.
  • We believe that education can be an effective tool for changing the behavior of road users for the better.
  • These principles can and should ultimately benefit pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, drivers, and everyone who uses our streets.
Our Mission
Walkable Albany is a group of citizens advocating for Albany's historic, beautiful, vibrant, dense, and walkable neighborhoods.
Recent Agenda
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